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As a computer programming company,
we offer service in IT Management,
Digital Marketing & Data Protection
in Cybersecurity


To meet the challenges of being 51 to 100% digital after epidemic wave of COVID-19, FLAG MISTAKES is always looking to offer its customers innovative approaches, pragmatic and diversified solutions.


The optimization of the human and economic business performance through coaching changes of structures and men. Controlling the time dimension is a key element to be able to anticipate changes. This is the challenge companies face: adapt quickly and continuously in an uncertain environment. 
The role of leaders is fundamental to allow real-time adaptation of their company and all managers and employees. A challenge is to increase the agility of the organisation, the collective and each employee to meet the objectives of sustainable performance and stay happy at work, indeed we create SPOREXDOM for this last purpose.


Enterprise sustainability is synonymous with innovation, agility, new skills, behaviors and renewed purpose.


The commitment of managers and employees is a key success factor for the implementation of corporate strategies and socially responsible.


Flag  Mistakes includes strategic and operational consulting activities in the service of business growth. Interactions between strategic and operational management are many. This is why valued individual ideas give a diversity of authentic and powerful thought. Each one brings a unique perspective to the company and to the work. 

Corporate Social Responsability

To do what’s right to enact positive change with service of a socially responsible company as FLAG MISTAKES, we are focus on reducing our impact on the planet for two initiatives for employees :

  • reduce pollution while providing a renewable, economical alternative to electricity and transport as :

       - rent electric cars and bicycles via the company

       - reimburse the first bill for changing energy supplier by one that favors green energy: renewable energy, from hydraulic, wind and solar sources

  • offer benefits to support our employees and families as 24 weeks of paid leave to the birth parent and non-birth parent (which includes adopted children) at any time whether it is the first year of the child's life or another time that suits their needs.


SPOREXDOM is a platform where people wishing to be accompanied in the individual or collective practice of one or more wellbeing and body-mind care activities, at home, online  or outdoor, find advice and support in receiving the right coaching.

The website together with the mobile app manage and facilitate, among other services, meetings between clients and qualified coaches in the body-mind Wellness.

socially responsible
Corporate Social Responsability


We have taken a proactive and consistent approach to collaborate with creative local Startup and innovative SMEs. This “Share Task” approach gives our clients the confidence that we are also flexible and stringent standards for remote working around the world.

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