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Find women & men with suitable skills
for your project in our network of experts


FLAG MISTAKES selects the best IT profiles for large groups, whether they are SMEs or independent.​

FLAG MISTAKES enables Large Accounts to benefit from the wealth and capacity for innovation of its network, while maintaining real selectivity.

Dedicated HR Team

The Netheirlands
BG Group Headquater

A dedicated team, which works to match the right mission with the right profile. Human contact for qualification of the assignment, contractualiSation, monitoring of the assignment and invoicing.


Valorisation & Certifications

The possibility of deepening the qualification process in order to enhance one's career and softskills.

Commercial Portage

Networks & Partnerships

An advisory capacity on the management of independent status: accounting, legal, insurance, legal documents...

Financial services to adapt payment deadlines.



Coordinating interviews between your global HR Team has never been an easy task - until now. We've created the perfect all-in-one recruiting form for international startups, SME's & Large Account. Fill out the form and we will be in touch with you shortly. 

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HR Consulting

• Executive Search: CEO, COO, CTO, CFO, CDO, VP Sales, VP Marketing,...

• Recruitment 3.0 : Sales, Marketing, Development, IT, Digital, e-Commerce, Big Data, Deep Learning, AI, Cybersecurity, Blockchain, Mobile, R&D, Consulting, IOT & Robotics, CLOUD, AWS technologies, Design, Acting, Alternatives Therapies,.…

• HR Consulting : HR Outsourcing, Team Building, Social Recruitment Training, Linkedin's training

• Training : Recruitment 3.0, Linkedin, Viadeo, Employer Brand Strategy

• Business Development for French /  PT / SW / GE / UK / US companies

Employer announce


Vacancies at FLAG MISTAKES.


We are part of BEHIND GAME GROUP. The diversity of our skills and expertise allows BEHIND GAME GROUP to offer employees opportunities for various developments in the same business sector or cross.

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Which candidates ?

Liable employer, we act in favor of diversity and equal opportunities especially in terms of disability, quality of life and health, to balance private life / professional life.

What work environment ?

Group on a human scale and driver of innovation, we promote new forms of work (remote, working from home, shared space). The most self-sufficient and productive employees can choose 60% of the time teleworking from home and follow our initiatives for reducing our impact on the planet.

What success ?

For us, success is primarily a quality of life, the remuneration is in the middle of the country in which you work and negotiation is done on the current control of three languages, multi-skills and experience in the respect for differences and opinions.
No ostentatious religious sign is allowed.

How to Apply ?

Here is our Candidate Portal for Clients Jobs, we invite you to regularly visit all Group companies  or BEHIND GAME 
the headquater at Amsterdam, in order to discover the respective company offers. If no offer corresponds to your profile, please send your application form or via email provides, we will study it as soon as possible.

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