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Optimize your notoriety, gain in efficiency, collect customer data, retain your contacts, reduce your costs, increase your income,
optimize your employer brand


FLAG MISTAKES supports the General, Marketing and IT Directions to analyze the expectations of their audience on digital channels, defines the most effective presence and defense strategies, develops the employer's brand to attract and retain talents both face-to-face and remote.


Our goal is to reinvigorate the strategy of our customers.


In a dramatically changing economic climate

, characterised by digital acceleration, the first step in our role is to help leaders define their strategy. Strategic thinking is essential to sustain  business.

We bring a both impartial and out of the ordinary view, without power issue, within your organisation.


Our mark represents the coalition between a methodical approach and the consulting  operational experience.


It is critical to set a course of management for medium / long-term teams.


We offer a non-confrontational, rational approach for working on the consistency of Marketing & Sales departments, the backbone of an enterprise. 


We are convinced that the joint Marketing

& Sales is more important than the relationship between marketing and communication.


We support you to:

- Develop or create innovative products  and services offerings

- Have a distinctive market positioning

- Identify and qualify business opportunities and development lines of supply on markets

- Choose a relevant price and sales policy

- Establish optimum business development


We offer complete support at every stage: from identification to the design of a new business model to its implementation.

The business model is a founding element of the company. It leads the company's value chain.

It is a delicate operation to design or change a business model because it obliges to question reconsider the entire value chain, especially its weakest links.

It is necessary to conduct a detailed analysis and lay-flat and in detail the various processes.


We bridge creativity and economic imperatives from an idea to implementation. The ever changes in the economic environment create a permanent dialogue. It is necessary to adapt the existing, to innovate, to create future success.

& HR

Current developments, particularly with the digital, submit organizations to increasingly rapid changes (new products, lower costs, merger with another organization, sharing, international expansion ...).


We propose to help in operationally adapt your organizations to the latest changes and offer plans / adequate processing programs.

For us, this support must:

- Afford to play on different tables, incorporating in particular the impacts on the information system and the human factor.

- Go forward by steps to facilitate the commitment of all and avoid the tunnel effect.

- Act in giving visibility to all stakeholders (not only of a steering committee).


Our intervention is designed as a source of progress and not as a permanent crutch.


There is more to work wellbeing than just wellness events or programs. There is a close relationship between the interior office space and physical, psychological and social wellbeing.
Adjusting the environment mediates the environmental stress.

We address positive design strategies to cultivate a health-supporting behaviour. While a poor design can undermine job resources, a well-designed interior space can compensate for job demands. Based on six features : layout, furniture, light, greenery, controls and noise, our space design approach, considering both aesthetic and strategic perspectives, aims to stimulate more than employees' health.

It is important for companies to reward progress, assure flexible working and encourage the employees, as well as creating a representative image, stand out and communicate essentially.


We offer an integrated approach to communication consultancy throughout your project and we realize the production of multi-channel devices, design solutions and tools to give life and make known your brands and projects. 

Communication (internal and external) invites all stages of projects, and even from conception.

Strategy, design or choice of solution production are interdependent with the diversity of targets.  

Communication is evolving and it is imperative to personalise it...

The new consumer and factors like digitalization, the short term, the logic of growth, business expectations contributes in driving the profound modifications in the ways of Communication. 


Reception by appointment.

Management IT
Digital Marketing


FLAG MISTAKES has expertise in these fields with a combination of Data Marketing, Email marketing, Inbound Marketing and Reputation management, which can be all tweaked together to achieve great results no matter what your product or service. There are many ways in which a company can maximize its online marketing strategy.

Since mars 2023, The group has a dedicated brand My Body Social and company CUSTOMER GENERATED CONTENT SAS for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, Social Media marketing and Mobile Application Development.

My Body Social


Email marketing is an essential tool in your online marketing strategy and a cost-effective way to communicate with existing and potential customers, build your brand and gain customer feedback.

We have an extensive experience in planning and creating successful email marketing campaigns that achieve and exceed clients' expectations and goals.

Planning your email campaign usually starts by researching your audience as it is important to know the profile of your email recipients in order to determine strategy and content towards their attitudes, culture and expectations.

Whether you are looking for a fully managed email marketing service or assistance in getting a new email campaign up and running, we can help, as we provide full Email Marketing service.


Netlinking (or Link Building) is an essential pillar of natural referencing.

It refers to the action of creating qualitative inbound links to your website. Your website will then have a privileged place within the web and will gain in SEO performance, resulting in highly targeted traffic flow.

To improve the search engine ranking of your website it is important to get a variety of quality links that link back to your site. These are called backlinks and the more backlinks with niche keywords, the higher your site's search engine ranking. By analyzing your website and its link profile we establish what is missing in order to get your site at the top of all major search engines.

The Link Building service has been developed to provide you with a variety of options to meet your needs and to suit your budget and includes directory submission, article submission, social bookmarking, contextual link and homepage link.


Social Media Advertising is one of the most important tools that businesses can use to connect and engage with their customers, build loyalty and spread their core messages.

On social media platforms such as Linkedin, Twitter, Tik Tok, Facebook, Instagram companies can create and direct conversations related to their products and services and encourage users to actively engage and share these messages across social network sites.

We understand and use all the key social media platforms daily and know how to create great content, build loyal active fan base and positively manage negative feedback and deliver a specialised service suited to your brand and business needs.


Reputation Management improves the public image of your company and brand online. It helps to extend its positive features and displace and remove unfavourable content and coverage.

We implement a combination of ethical reputation management strategies and campaigns to improve and maintain client's good reputation.

We can help in three main operations:

- Building the reputation

This is essential part for any new business, especially internet orientated. Business has to be promoted and it has to reach the customers with the spreading the word of its products and services and quality of operation.

- Maintaining the reputation

It is keeping the image of your business at its best. This part is essential for companies with already established and good reputation.

- Reputation recovery/repository

In case your company has already negative reputation, then it is essential to take the steps in order to hide such reputation with the positive coverage, good promotion and marketing. There are no magic words or shortcuts when building and repairing client's reputation as positively as they deserve.


Reputation management requires intensive work depending on the nature of your business and the target ahead, before effects can take place.

Active engagement on social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and others), blogging, reviews writing, and other online marketing tools, all play part in building your online reputation. 

All the three mentioned aspects of building online reputation are included in our service.


Automate the processes and materials supporting the company's information assets in order to optimize costs while reducing risks. The issue of data protection is self-evident by the data strategy to ensure that all of the data collected can be used, shared and easily moved from one system to another. The objective is to make information usable at the right time, in the right place, and by the right person (s) according to as many rules, IT and legal standards in order to bring added value to the organization. organization and response to quickly resolve incidents. It is therefore essential to identify, prioritize and eliminate internal threats (bad habits, clumsiness, maliciousness...) and external (hackers) more quickly. Manage risk and resilience in real time with risk governance and compliance tools. Taking risks into account in day-to-day decision-making across the company to improve resilience is what data protection meets GDPR requirements.


Deploying qualitative inbound links is the key to sustaining your SEO efforts, as you strengthen your position in a sustainable way.

It is an expert in our team who help your website to appear in the top search engine rankings through a process called Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

It attracts visitors by securing top rankings for the most relevant search terms /keywords and phrases. It can be deployed on most websites and is a powerful and essential online marketing solution as emailing. 

When your website is already built, we carry out an audit of your website to compare it to your competitors. Then, we analyze your inbound links, remove the less relevant ones and develop a comprehensive optimization strategy.

We often help in writing of your website content to optimise each page built or we will do it right from the conception phase with high search engine rankings in mind.

We also offer a full service combining your SEO and PPC data with your BI data.


Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing is the best and quickest way to promote your website on major search engines. It generates instant traffic to your website and you are in total control of the PPC campaigns budget can deployed across Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook advertising platforms, Shopping & Display.

The core of our PPC service involves research process in order to identify and optimise keywords aligned to your business and increase conversion.

The result is an efficient PPC campaign which will target potential customers with accuracy and effectiveness.

Your landing page is optimized to improve its effectiveness and convert a regular visitor into a customer helping you to increase sales and generate more leads.

Our PPC campaign management takes effect as soon as it is implemented, and ensures to generate more traffic to your site which in return leads to increased profits. 


The Analytical Engine was to be a general-purpose, fully program-controlled, automatic mechanical digital computer. It would be able to perform any calculation set before it. Search engines provide access to their own data with services such as Google Analytics, Google Trends and Google Insights. Google Analytics contains valuable data that your business can use to monitor (and improve) SEO performance) from keywords to your website's top referrals and so much more.

Google Analytics provides marketers valuable data to help them improve their site rankings. ... When you take the data it gives you and make improvements to your site, you're boosting your search ranking. You can make better, more accurate changes with Google Analytics data on hand than you can without it.

Information Technologies


Our experts support you in the deployment of Agile and DevOps approaches; securing your systems and your IAM accesses; optimizing and monitoring the performance of your applications; the definition of new architectures with the Cloud; the implementation and operation of RPA solutions; as well as the development and implementation of strategies and solutions.

Data Protection

Since 28 January 1981, signature of the first international treaty aimed at protecting personal data: the Convention for the Protection of Individuals with regard to Automatic Processing of Personal Data, also known as “Convention 108”. Whilst the treaty has remained an effective tool for international cooperation in 2018 the Council of Europe adopted a protocol amending its provisions in order to address the development of new technologies and to strengthen its monitoring mechanism.


MY BODY FLAGS helps to bridge the human-machine intelligibility gap defended by the GDPR - General Data Protection Regulations. 

Our positionning of expertise is continued "to  think out the box" in the light of regulatory and technical developments in the face of the development of open and interconnected systems; to the performance of the Visitor Tracks and Qualitative Content up to the Purchase on your media. We work with a wide variety of people from different internal organizational units, also with legal, customer inquiry for data privacy and partner by contractual agreement on data protection;  bringing them together to manage current and future physical, logical and information security risk.

MY BODY FLAGS support companies and organizations in global corporate functions in respect of security compliance framework based on european legislation GDPR  on data privacy, data security, legal compliance, risk management, privacy by design. 


Online sales are essential for most goods and services in connected commerce.

If you have physical and digital stores, they need to enrich each other. On the internet, you are at the very least in a European, omnichannel electronic commerce market. Our teams combine technical know-how (PIM, catalog management, loyalty systems, OMS, payment systems and ERP)


Because the success of your business also depends on the security of your information system, we support you in all our areas of expertise to secure your business. 

We use the latest technology so that your customer's information is safe. This includes using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) over transmission, and fully encrypted data concerning online payment.


Enrich your DevOps cycles with the design & execution of automated functional,

non-regression, security and performance tests.


We support our clients in their projects and put our expertise in the processing and explanation of data to serve their success.


Whether you're starting a new online commerce website, or looking to re-design an existing one, FLAG MISTAKES  will provide the best e-Commerce web design solutions regardless of type of product or service you are selling.

We provide a fully customized and secure shopping cart/online ordering system that your customers can be confident in.

We can also set you up with a merchant account so you can easily process credit cards online and export the data to an existing bookkeeping application such as Sage, Quick Books or an external database.

All our E-Shops support various payment gateways so you can be sure that your customers will find a payment method that suits them. Payment gateways included are Paypal, Google Checkout, Credit Card Payments and more.

Content Management Systems

FLAG MISTAKES website development team can create tailor made content management system (CMS) solutions to help you better manage your website. A content management system will empower you to create, edit, manage, publish content and adapt your website as the organisation and your needs grow.

Our bespoke CMS solutions cover all the surface content of your website, as well as dealing with the site code, page file names and extensions, and its interface is extremely easy to use.

Our customized content management systems (CMS) will give you total control over your website or e-commerce:

  •  Add more pages to your website with a few clicks

  •  Extend the navigation as needed

  •  Add or change photos, videos, text on any website pages

  •  Set permission levels for administrators

  •  Additional customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities available

Non-exhaustive list.
Wix is ​​the simplest, fastest and most economical design solution for a showcase site as well as an e-commerce.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world's most comprehensive and widely adopted cloud platform. It offers more than 175 comprehensive services from data centers around the world. Millions of customers including some of the world's fastest growing startups, very large corporations, and leading federal agencies use AWS to reduce costs, gain agility, and innovate faster.

The Splio platform allows marketers to create transactional and relationship loyalty programs while ensuring a unique customer experience across all channels. Internal teams can thus align themselves with the same goal of increasing online and offline sales.

Proximis was born with the desire to remove the friction that destroys value, in order to finally be able to sell more and satisfy consumers. Thanks to its Commerce and Order Management System solutions, Proximis helps brands unify their stocks and sales channels to offer the promise of a memorable experience.

Drupal is a CMS. It is used to create many websites and applications that are used daily by millions of customers around the world. Drupal has many native features, makes it easy to create content, offers high reliability and excellent security. But what sets it apart is its flexibility; modularity is one of its basic principles. Its tools help you create the versatile and structured content that dynamic web experiences need.

A world-renowned solution, Magento Commerce enables merchants to create unique and engaging shopping experiences. With rich, out-of-the-box features, unmatched customization capabilities, and seamless integration with third-party modules, Magento Commerce enables a strong entry into multi-channel commerce. More than 250,000 traders around the world use it, i.e. around 30% of the total market share. In May 2018, Adobe announces the acquisition of Magento

Wix is ​​an online SaaS platform that allows you to create websites and their mobile version. Wix allows its users to create HTML5 sites only from a visual interface and without touching the source code. This type of intuitive visual editor is known by the acronym WYSIWYG. Many features for developing your site are offered by Wix but also by external developers in the App Market of platform 5 such as Google Ads, Mailchimp, Spotify or Amazon.

ReachFive makes it easy for customers to authenticate anytime, anywhere, while maintaining control over their data. Their identities are protected against any risk of violation, thanks to ReachFive, which secures authentication and access to data by third-party systems. Relying on an API-based, cloud-agnostic architecture, ReachFive empowers brands with the agility and performance required to adapt to accelerating digital transformation.

Akeneo is a leading Product Information Management (PIM) information system solution that centralizes and harmonizes all your marketing and technical information for your product catalogs. It has a direct impact on the customer experience. Akeneo provides PIM and Product Data Intelligence solutions to fuel your omnichannel and cross-border commerce initiatives.

Salesforce is a software publisher. It distributes Internet-based management software and hosts business applications.

The company is best known internationally for its customer relationship management solutions. Precursor of Cloud Computing, and in 2014 world leader in customer relationship tools.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Salesforce CPQ, Salesforce Integration (formerly Mulesoft), as well as main Salesforce clouds (Sales Cloud, Service Cloud).

Shopify’s mission is to improve all aspects of commerce so that entrepreneurs can focus on their core mission: developing and selling their products. Shopify was created in 2006 in Canada, by a team of five people working from a local café. Today we are now more than 3,000 employees and more than 600,000 e-merchants in 175 countries use the Shopify technology platform under the Saas model to manage their activity.

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