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Corinne Martin

Talent Sourcing Manager

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Laura Rodriguez

Product Manager

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  • Commercial Director / VP Sales
    The Sales Director or VP Sales is usually a member of CODIR and works closely with the CEO or MD-Managing Director. Its challenge is to organize sales, model commercial approaches and build a sales team able to bring strong growth in turnover.
  • IT Project Director
    The IT Project Director is in charge of controlling the execution of a project and advising the Project Manager on how to best use the human and technical resources necessary for the smooth running of the project.
  • Chief Technical Officer
    The Chief Technical Officer or Technical Director is in charge of the technological vision to best prepare the company to face these technological challenges. Its influence will vary according to the size of the company and the place occupied by new technologies within production.
  • Chief Data Officer
    The Chief Data Officer is in charge of the company's data strategy by overseeing the processing of data, its quality and governance. To do this, he and his teams are responsible for facilitating access to data and identifying those that are most important to extract.
  • Chief Digital Officer
    The Chief Digital Officer is in charge of supporting a company in its digital transformation. The CDO is often members of the CODIR or attached to the Marketing Department / Division.
  • Web Project Manager
    The Web Project Manager is in charge of deriving maximum benefits and resources from his team in a given time with determined criteria. He will only work on internet-related projects: creation of a site or a web communication campaign.
  • Customer Success Manager
    The Customer Success Manager is in charge of supporting the customers of a company in the use of the proposed solution. It is a cross between the position of Account Manager and Business Consultant.
  • Account Manager
    The Account Manager is in charge of the commercial and operational monitoring of a large account or several accounts. He manages the integration and then the follow-up of the company's new customers. He is therefore responsible for the quality of service provided to each client.
  • Web Architect
    The Web Architect is in charge of the technical expertise. He must create or develop the website or the application. He is a technical expert whose vocation is to create or develop a website or an application.
  • Web developer
    The Web Developer is in charge of creating the company's website and integrating the various functionalities into it to enable it to be efficient, ergonomic and fluid to use.
  • Traffic Manager
    The Acquisition Manager is responsible for effectively coordinating the various acquisition marketing levers to generate traffic and / or qualified contacts on a website.
  • MOE Digital Project Manager
    The MOE Digital Project Manager is in charge of the technical part of a digital project. He works in close collaboration with the digital project manager MOA: from his functional specifications, he writes the technical specifications.
  • MOA Digital Project Manager
    The MOA Digital Project Manager is in charge of guaranteeing all the functional stages of a digital project and works in collaboration with the digital MOE project manager.
  • Digital Marketing Project Manager
    The Digital Marketing Project Manager is in charge of guaranteeing all stages of the realization and implementation of a project, from start to delivery to the customer: costs, quality and deadlines.
  • Mobile Web Product Manager
    The Mobile Web Product Manager is in charge of developing and setting up various mobile site and application projects.
  • Content Manager
    The Content Manager is in charge of producing, managing and distributing content intended to be placed on a company's websites and social networks.
  • Community Manager
    The Community Manager is in charge of animating and federating the internet community of a company and / or a brand through the management of social networks and newsletters.
  • Web Editor
    The web editor is in charge of providing suitable textual content for the websites. It is often used in e-commerce for the content of product sheets.
  • Network Engineer
    The network engineer is in charge of managing all of the communications systems and network infrastructures. He is responsible for their design, their proper functioning and their optimization.
  • Cloud Computing Engineer
    The Cloud Computing Engineer is in charge of storing and managing data on servers located in data centers, outside the company.
  • Networks and Systems Administrator
    The Network Administrator is responsible for ensuring the proper functioning and setting up of a communication network. To do this, he sets the strategy for the telecommunications infrastructure to be adopted by the Network Architect.
  • Data Analyst
    The Data Analyst is in charge of collecting and analyzing data to allow his company to make better strategic decisions, as well as to improve the user experience of a website / ecommerce or an app.
  • Data Scientist
    The Data Scientist is in charge of the management and in-depth analysis of a company's “big data” massive data. Expert in the control and interpretation of data, he determines from multiple and dispersed data sources, data models allowing the implementation of analyzes to meet business and / or business needs.
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